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We're offering a wide range of apartments, rooms, cabins and boats for rent in Oslo, Trondheim, Bergen, Stavanger and most other places in Norway.



You can also check out Hotelscombined, which is a hotel website, but it also provides a wide range of private flats and houses for a cheaper price for longer periodsof time. 



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Where to find Short Term Rentals in Norway

Airbnb Norway

22.11.2020 20:22
Airbnb offers a wide range of short term rental options in most places in Norway. You can choose from a wide range of flats, apartments and houses, for every taste and budget. You can rent for both longer and shorter periods.  Search accommodation in Norway here

22.11.2020 15:56 is the biggest online marketplace in Norway, and a majority of deals are made here. Landlords pay a small price to advertise their rooms, flats and apartments for rent. For tentants, it's free